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SPECTRA is the most portable and intelligent personal electric vehicle of 5-min learning. This is the ultimate solution to the “last-mile” problem that people can carry around.



1. SenDeck: 2D Posture Sensing Module

With a series of pressure sensors and intelligent algorithm, you can control SPECTRA Mini by simply shifting your weight.

· Best commuting experience ever

· No skateboarding experience required

· Designed for everyone


2. Driving System & 3.1” Hub Motor

With the single hub-motor design in the front, SPECTRA Mini has the ability to climb up 8° ramp, and recharge when decelerating or going down a ramp. The hub motor is amazingly smooth and quiet during every ride, and adaptable to every road. 

SPECTRA Mini brakes with the hub motor. 


3. Flashing LED Lights

No matter it is daytime or nighttime, SPECTRA Mini stands out on the road with its LED headlight.

4. Self Diagnostic Safe Battery

With certificated reliable battery management system, SPECTRA Mini is safe for daily usage.


5. WALNUTT eBoard Go App

Connecting with WALNUTT eBoard Go App, you can switch between different Speed Modes, use an easy Pedal to Go Mode, lock your SPECTRA Mini, share your photos and paths, and use your smartphone as an alternative remote controller. 

*Demonstrated with a SPECTRA Pro

*Demonstrated with a SPECTRA Pro, the App Remote Control function is within all SPECTRA models (Mini, Advanced, Pro, and Silver)